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Dear cycling enthusiast,
Isn't the course just in our genes? For decades, various champions have stood up to keep our Belgian honor high on the international cycling forum. The course lives in our country, that much is clear.
But why would our Belgian girls fail to lift themselves at the same level as their male colleagues? There is unmistakable talent in Belgium to make it happen in this branch of cycling. Only our cyclists must finally be taken seriously and their efforts, their training, their life for the sport must be valued.
The organisors of the Lotto Cycling Cup want, in cooperation with Belgian Cycling, to offer our Belgian girls every opportunity to compete with the international top of women's cycling. 
They can do this on their own soil, between their own supporters and supervisors who can see them at work in such competitions. Because we are convinced that, if attractive competitions and well-structured teams, our girls become stronger and better and talents can grow to become champions in their discipline. Let us support them in mass. We hope that with our organisations we can contribute to a possible success.
On this site you will find all the interesting information about this series of 9 UCI competitions. Previews, courses, participants and afterwards also results and standings, all supplemented with visual material, can be found here.
Your presence at one or more of our organisations would be a great support! We look forward to it and wish everyone a very nice cycling year!



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